This is a collaboration with Banjo Glass. He's one of the top borosilicate glass blowers in the world. This marble has one his signature hand made milles. The marble turns on the inside of the wrap and the wire eye aligns with the glass eye. The other side has a fibonacci swirl which also alights. 

In life we're not looking to hide our eyes from the world. Sometimes its important to have a sort of ocular armor you can see through difficult times. This armor can help you take in information without it taking you down. Sometimes we need myth and metaphor to expand our abstract grip on reality or show us an ability we have that's not easy to explain in basic terms.

*.925 silver 
*BanjGlass millie marble double sided.
*Slipknot bail style (where necklaces ataches) 
*Marble rolls to desired position
*2 1/4" long..  1" wide.. 3/4" thick

*** reach out if you have any questions !

Eye of Armor (Banjo Glass collaboration)